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Filtration Systems

Filters & Separators.

Our standard filtration products can be applied to a variety of conditions for the removal of suspended particulate. Custom systems can be engineered to meet specific requirements, including the use of different filter media to enhance filtration.

Puroflux Separators

Puroflux offers a broad spectrum of separators in a range of materials and configurations.


Puroflux’s complete line of separator and separator packages lend themselves to a wide range of applications for removing suspended particulate. Our standard equipment can handle flow ranges from 5 to 20,000 gpm and operating pressures up to 150 psi. Constructed from carbon steel, these rugged units can be installed in the harshest of environments. Custom separator systems can be designed and fabricated to meet specific requirements.

Description of Operation Hydrocyclone Separator

The basis for solid-liquid separation in the PF-60 series is the centrifugal forces created in the body of the separator. As the pressurized process carrying fluid1 enters tangentially into the entrance chamber of the separator, it starts a downward helical flow. This downward spiral motion causes high centrifugal forces to act on the carrying fluid. The solids in suspension are pushed to the wall of the separator and then move downward to the accumulation chamber (underflow)2 at the bottom of the separator. The clean process fluid then reverses its axial direction and moves upward in a helical flow exiting the separator (overflow)3.


Description of Operation Hydrocyclone Separator

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of the solid-liquid separator. It is important to understand and consider several issues when installing a hydrocyclone separator on a process system: system flow, velocity of the process fluid through the separator, pressure loss, specific gravity of the carrying fluid and particulate to be removed, and the purge cycle.

It is vital that the velocity of the carrying fluid be kept high in order to develop centrifugal forces in the body of the separator. Puroflux separators are designed with varying flow rates to insure that the separator selected will perform as expected.

Flow rate versus pressure loss are given for various PF-60 series separators to aid in selection (see individual specification sheets). The ideal operating pressure drop through a Puroflux separator is between 4-10 psi.

It is also important to note that the specific gravity of the solid to be separated from the carrying fluid must be higher than the specific gravity of the carrying fluid. The greater the specific gravity of the contaminate, the higher the removal efficiency of the separator. Puroflux separators can remove particulate as low as 45 micron (nominal) with a specific gravity greater than 1.2 on a recirculating basis.

Purging is necessary to eliminate the high concentration of solids build-up in the separator’s accumulation chamber and can be performed while the separator remains on-line. The level of contaminants in the process system will dictate the purge frequency and may warrant the use of an optional recovery system. If a recovery system is used, the separator will purge constantly at a low flow rate.

Puroflux Permanent Media Filters

Media filters are one of the most common ways to filter water as they are simple, effective, and require very little attention. Water is routed through a sand-filled pressure vessel. Over time, dirt accumulates in the spaces between the sand particles causing the pressure in the vessel to rise as water finds it harder to pass through. This signals you to “backwash” the filter. Simply reverse the water flow and “knock out” the dirt.


Our standard filtration products can be applied to a variety of conditions for the removal of suspended particulate. Custom systems can be engineered to meet specific requirements, including the use of different filter media to enhance filtration.

Permanent Media Filtration

Permanent media filtration has a distinct advantage over disposable bags, cartridges or hydro cyclone separators. Permanent media filtration is a positive filtering media that is easily backwashed for cleaning. Puroflux filters utilize the finest media. This media can be used individually or combined to optimize filtration efficiency. Puroflux standard media physically removes particulate 10 micron and smaller.

Filtration Cycle

Influent1 is directed through a series of valves into the overdrain of the filter, where it is evenly distributed over the filtration media. It is then forced down through the media bed where the suspended particulate is trapped in the voids formed between the media. The clean effluent2 then passes through the underdrain and is returned to the original source. As the voids in the media are filled, the filter will start to blind off. When the maximum differential pressure is reached, the filter will require a backwash.



Backwash Cycle

The filter is backwashed by reversing the fluid flow through the filter. The backwash fluid is directed into the filter through the underdrain and up through the media. As the backwash fluid moves through the media it causes the bed to lift and separate. The tumbling action of the media causes a scouring effect which releases trapped particulate and suspends it in the backwash flow. The fluid then carries the particulate that is suspended up through the overdrain and out to waste.


Disc Filters

Its patented design and high quality materials used in manufacturing guarantee an extended life with high resistance.




Puroflux’s line of disc filter system permits a wide range of flows and configurations using minimal number of components. They are compact assembled systems for easy transportation and installation.


  • Disc Filtration. Maximum safety.
  • AZUD HELIX System
  • Self-cleaning filtering element
  • Modularity, Versatility, Compatibility.
  • Compact assembled systems for easy transportation and installation.
  • Manufactured in plastic materials.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Water and energy saving.

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